The MOOC Case Book – Case Studies in MOOC Design, Development & Implementation. Linus Publications

Morrison, D.A. (2015). Pedagogy and MOOCs: A practical application of Khan’s e-learning framework. In The MOOC case book – case studies in MOOC design, development & implementation, Chapter 3 (pp. 33 – 46). Ronkonkoma, NY: Linus Publications.

The MOOC Case Book tells the stories of IT and e-learning practitioners, faculty, and students who faced challenges during the design, development, implementation, or participation in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This book will be of great interest to designers, developers, and instructional facilitators of Massive Open Online courses, as well as academics and consumers of MOOC content. It can be used as a textbook or supplementary resource in Educational/Instructional Technology programs and courses focusing on instructional design for e-learning, distance education trends and issues, and issues in higher education. The MOOC Case Book can also serve as a handbook to guide administrators, IT professionals, instructional designers, and faculty in the planning, development, and implementation of successful MOOC initiatives. Available at Linus Publications.


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