…for Course Designers

designThis page features a collection of carefully selected resources specific to course design for online and blended courses. Each resource is categorized by type, identified by the icon to the right of each description.

1) An excellent site created by Contact North to serve faculty and instructors of post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada is The Ontario Online Learning Portal. It’s an open resource that provides numerous tools and information on the latest research and trends in online education.

2) A helpful site by Penn State, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences with rubrics and guides for designing online courses: Online Course Design and Review Rubrics.

3) Another resource by  Penn State, web pages dedicated to course design, Instructional Design Resources. It’s a treasure trove of resources and tools for course designers and online educators.

4) Instructionaldesign.org is a go-to reference site providing the basics of instructional design [ID] and learning theories. It includes a glossary of ID terms and a list of several instructional design models. What I find most valuable is the comprehensive listing of learning theories. Each theory is described in-depth; including the principles and examples of application in education settings.

4 thoughts on “…for Course Designers

  1. What a great cornucopia of resources you have here. I serendipitously happened to stumble upon your blog. I am encouraged that there are more people passionate about online learning and course design. I am at the start of a new project where I am designing a personal, self-directed educational experience to replace and improve what I would have gotten had I gone to university, so the resources found on your blog will surely prove of extreme value to me.

    Especially as far as instructional design goes, to say that I am just a neophyte would be generous, I am really just learning as I go. Apart from the resources listed here, what other resources do you recommend for self-directed online learning (especially at the university level)???

    If you are interested in seeing an overview of my Open Source Learning Project, I will leave you a link to my blog. In many aspects I believe we are on the same path and there is likely an opportunity to network and share resources with each other! Greetings from Mexico!!



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