robyn preston photography santa clarita 2014 debbie morrison-21I launched Online Learning Insights (OLI) in 2012 as a place to share my research and observations about online education. It has evolved into a valued and credible source for hundreds of education professionals from over 90 countries. Readers in higher education and K-12 have shared OLI posts within their networks and their contributions have led to rich discussion within OLI’s comments, on Twitter, and on Google+, making OLI a place for learning and growth.

Selection of institutions using OLI as a resource:

  • Online Learning Consortium Instructional series, “New to Online: The Essentials”
  • John Hopkins University, School of Education, Professional Network Resources
  • California State University Fullerton, School of Nursing, Resources for Faculty
  • Rasmussen College, Faculty Teaching Series, “Fostering Presence: The Human Element and The Community of Inquiry Framework”
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center, Faculty Resources for Teaching Online
  • Idaho Digital Learning Initiative, Resources for Educators

Selection of articles where Online Learning Insights is included:

For further information about me you can visit debbiemorrison.net. I work as an independent consultant and help higher education and K-12 institutions create, improve and enhance online and blended courses for students and instructors.  Clients I’m currently working with include The World Bank, California State University Fullerton, and a private K-12 school, Carol Morgan School.  I also collaborate with institutions to develop and create learning strategies and strategic plans to deliver relevant and effective learning.

To learn more about the consulting services I offer and how I help improve learning for students and instructors, visit my website at debbiemorrison.net/consulting-services.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Debbie, my name is Puna. A research student in University of Greenwich. l am working on MOOC for my project. I just stumbled at your blog. Very rich and educative.

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  3. Hello Debbie,
    I am currently working as an Education Technology Intern for CutureWorks English as a Second Language Inc. We are working on a Project called Patha Learning – a Project-Based Online Learning program aimed at allowing faculty to accelerate in English fluency. I was wondering if you could give me some tips!? I want to know who is using online training? As our current generations become more and more involved with social media, does online training become aimed at a younger crowd, or is this only allowing companies like ours to expand into different ages of people? Just looking to get some more information from someone who has experience in the field.


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  5. Hello Debbie,
    I am online education enthusiast and a big fan of coursera. I wonder if you ever stumbled upon iversity.org and futurelearn.com – European MOOC providers. I took several courses from both that appeared skillfully-desgined and balanced in regards to content.
    Do you think they can grow and pose a competition to leading US platforms? I wonder what is actual user base of this platforms and where do they plan to expand, Is European market ready for new MOOCs?


  6. Hello Debbie –

    I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching out information on MOOCs. I recently designed a MOOC formatted course for the training of online faculty and offered it to a pilot group of our instructors. I found the process of writing a MOOC difficult and will need to rewrite the course to include authentic materials and video content. Its a work in progress and we’ll try again in February.

    I referenced your posting “The Making of a MOOC” in my lessons learned report. Thank you for the information – it helped to read that many hours are put in to MOOC development.

    Would you have an interest in reviewing the course I wrote?

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    • HI Ilan, Thanks for your interest. I just added two options for searching for blog posts – you can search by ‘category’ from the drop down menu found on the right hand side of the blog main page, or from ‘archives’ which, when clicked list all posts by a given month. Hope that helps and thanks for the suggestion. Debbie

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