Bloom’s and Web 2.0

Today I came across a creative rendition of Ben Bloom’s taxonomy on the Educational Technology Guy’s blog. I am not sure what Ben would have thought of how his classification system of cognitive levels of thinking (and learning) would look decorated with icons representing web 2.0 applications, but I think it is terribly clever (created by University of Southern Indiana under Creative Commons). I am a huge fan of Ben’s work – I sound on familiar terms with this innovative and influential educator, but his traditional taxonomy introduced in the 1960’s is on my office bulletin board and I refer to it often when working on courses. The complexity of thinking and learning increases as you go up on the taxonomy, thus ‘creating’ engages the highest level of critical thinking skills.

Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology

Resource for Teachers
Since Dr. Bloom introduced his now famous taxonomy, it’s been revised, manipulated and adapted many times over. See my previous post, Blogs and Bloom’s for an adapted version of the taxonomy. The version above is a tremendous resource for educators seeking to engage learners with applications that have the potential to support learning and achievement of learning goals.

Keep Learning! 🙂