Webinar Round-Up: Get thinking out of the Box…

I find Webinars [web based seminars] a tremendous, efficient and effective way to stretch my thinking beyond the ‘normal’ parameters that I work within day-to-day, kick-start my creativity and learn something new that often leads to novel way to approach a project. Usually only an hour-long, often for free, [and with a web-enabled device], Webinars allow you to log on and listen to an expert in a given field [social media, leadership and education which I’ll focus on in this post] ask questions through chat and learn about a new topic, technology or perspective. As part of my own personal development, my goal is to participate in one Webinar a month on a topic that might be related to my work though often is not. In this post I’ll share some upcoming Webinars around the Web that may be of interest.

Below I’ve listed upcoming sessions in May and June that look interesting –  in a previous post, I explained the ins and outs of Webinars, with some tips for maximizing their effectiveness, if interested, click here.

The Culture Cycle: How to Shape the Unseen Force that Transforms Performance, Sponsored by Harvard Business Review. Date: May 21.  No cost. The host is one of Harvard’s esteemed professor’s James Heskett who will discuss his new book Culture Cycle, describe how culture evolves, is shaped and sustained, fosters innovation, and can promote organizational survival in tough times. Click here for further details.

Conversations in Leadership. Sponsored by Skillsoft. Date: June 6. No cost. Author  Shawn Achor, former professor of Harvard University, has extensively researched the elusive concept of ‘happiness’ and in this webinar discusses his findings in his new book, The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work.  Though this webinar is free, it is promoted by Skillsoft company, likely for leads for new business. Click here for further details.

In Conversation with Jay Cross: Social Business takes Social Learning. Sponsored by Social Learning Centre. No cost with free membership to the Social Learning Centre. Hosted by Jane Hart and facilitated by Jay Cross, author, educator, who is considered “the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning”. Jay has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix. A champion of informal learning and systems thinking. Click here for further details.

Social Media
Using Social Media to Support Workplace Learning, featuring Jane Hart (a leader in social media for professionals and educators, founder of Social Learning Centre a terrific network that offers free resources and insights into emerging tools and technologies). Sponsored by eLearning Guild. Date: Fee based. June 12. In this session, listen and discuss with Jane Hart about her experiences in, ideas about, and predictions for using social media to support workplace learning. Click here for further details.

Managing Traditional and Social Media for Libraries. Sponsored by the Public Library Association. No cost.  Date: May 31. This session, geared to the media library media specialist, will discuss the fundamentals of media planning and outreach, social media, and skills required to promote library activities and advocacy efforts.  Click here for further details.

Higher Education
Meeting Today’s Workforce Education Challenges. Sponsored by Pearson Learning Solutions. No cost. Date: May 31. The Webniar’s host, Pat Gerity, is VP of Workforce Education at Westmoreland College in PA,  and appears to have extensive experience in  transitioning college students into the workforce. Click here for more info.

Captioning for Lecture Capture. Campus technology. Sponsored by Campus Technology and Tegrity, McGraw Hill. June 5. No Cost.  Click here for further details.

Improving Student Engagement Through Early Career Mapping. Sponsored by EDweek. Date: May 22.  No Cost. Click here for further details.

How States use Digital Learning to support Education Reform. iNacol (International Association for K12 Online Learning).  Date: June 13. Members $39, Non-members $99. In a report from Illinois State Board of Education, co-authors Dr. Tom Clark and Dr.  E. Oyer explore the changing landscape of education reform and technology programs to develop and sustain innovation. Click here for further details.

Empowering School Cultures to Support all students. Sponsored by Edweek. Date: June 5. No cost.  Education author and speaker Alan M. Blankstein, will discuss how to create and build resourceful and confident school cultures. Click here for further details.

Beyond LMS Boundaries: Web 2.0 Enriching Online Learning and Assessment. Sponsored by iNACOL  (International Association for K-12 Online Learning). Date: June 21. Fee based. Click here for further details.

Learning Management Platforms
Haiku, Learning Management Platform. Learn about this K-12 LMS platform with webniars offered every Tuesday and Thursday. Click here for further details.

The Flipped Classroom. Sponsored by Sophia, Learning Management Platform. May 22, and June 12. Click here for further details.

The Moodle Gradebook. Moodle Rooms. Date: May 30. Click here for further details.


Photo Credit: Tic-Tac-Toe, Think outside Box, by ArtJonak

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