What’s a MOOC?

When I first heard of a  MOOC, a vision of a wooly beast  came to mind – not quite. A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course.  MOOCs harness and embrace the power of the Internet, social media and students – with one admission requirement – the desire to learn.

Massive: Anyone from anywhere can participate, contribute and collaborate
Open: Open to anyone, no admission requirements, free
Online: Access – Internet connection and web enabled device
Course: A structured course around a topic (any topic), initiated by one or more individuals with an interest and background in topic (though not always). Course content can be delivered via: readings, videos, live chats, wiki’s and/or discussion boards. MOOCs function as a traditional course, with a syllabus, guidelines but with many contributors.  College credit or a certificate of completion is not given at this point, however with Mozilla’s initiative Open Badges this is due to change.

What is a MOOC?Learn More:
MOOC starting in January 2012: Openess in Education
Ongoing MOOC:  to April 2012: Change 2011
Previous MOOC on: Computers, Language and Writing

Keep Learning: 🙂

3 thoughts on “What’s a MOOC?

  1. Thanks for sharing my post on MOOCs. I enjoyed perusing your blog very much. Interesting – your post on Scoop.it, as I had just read about this tool in Mind/Shift [http://mindshift.kqed.org/2012/01/how-to-create-your-own-textbook-with-or-without-apple/] and was not familiar with it at all. Your post helped me understand it better! Thanks!


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